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If you're looking at this website you're probably feeling totally exhausted right now. I hear you, and totally understand how you feel. I had chronic insomnia for close to twenty years till I finally worked out exactly what I had to do to get rid of it. I fully understand the effects of sleep deprivation and it’s because of this I have been able to create a program that is both realistic in its expectations and effective enough to produce results.

After years and years with next to no sleep I am finally able to fall to sleep each night and stay asleep even after going out for the evening, something I was never able to do till discovering this program. I still experience insomnia on occasion but thanks to the strategies I’m going to share with you, I don’t stress about it anymore as I no longer get anxiety after a restless night because I know it won’t be long till I’ll be sleeping well again.

The restorative benefits of a good night sleep:

– Improved immune function
– Longer life span
– Healthier heart
– Younger skin
– Slowing of the aging process
– Improved concentration (reduced injuries and accidents)
– Improved sex life weight control
– Increased mental performance
– Trimmer waist and weight control
– Peak physical performance
– Overall greater emotional wellbeing
– Anti-aging – it goes without saying when you sleep, you look better. One of the reasons is that when you are not sleeping you have excess cortisol flowing through your body and this in turn has a toxic effect on your body causing a cascade of negative consequences, one of them being aging faster than you should.

Some consequences associated with lack of sleep:

– Increased risk of diabetes (inhibition in management of glucose levels making cells increasingly glucose resistant)
– Increased blood pressure
– increased chance of obesity and heart disease.
​- Headaches, mood swings
– Daytime fatigue
– Anxiety, memory loss
– Panic attacks and depression
– Weight loss or gain (sleep drives the hormones that control appetite)
– Imbalance in release of stress hormones leading to increased cortisol levels.
– Aching muscles .

Treatments for mild to chronic insomnia

My insomnia started in my late teens although I think it developed way before this, as now I think about it, I was always the kid who was never able to fall asleep in the sleeping bag at slumber parties or camping.

My full blown insomnia didn’t begin till sharing a room at my university campus. The girl I shared the room with was up each night till early hours of the morning with the light on and I became so anxious that eventually I wasn’t sleeping at all. After the initial two weeks straight of not sleeping my distraught mother took me to a doctor thinking I’d gone mad The doctor gave me Rohypnols (a very strong sleeping pill) and sent me on my way. I think the maximum number of Rohypnols I tried during the one night was seven which I’m sure could have proven fatal and I recall I still only had one or two hours sleep if that. For years I was addicted to these pills despite the fact they didn’t even work. I don’t know why but my inability to sleep more than a couple of hours a night continued for close to twenty years. My usual daily grind was a living hell of trying to slot in work and relationships all on an empty tank.

Daily life was like one Groundhog Day after the next. I’d wake up after hardly any sleep (or sometimes not even being able to fall to sleep at all) feeling totally exhausted and having to turn up to a job in order to pay my rent. Thinking about what I was going to eat wahard enough without the reality of actually having to make it. I ate the same meal every day.People who didn’t realise that I was actually quite smart nicknamed me ‘lights on but nobody home’. I was fired more times than I can remember because exhaustion really was not a great look regardless of my great ideas. Same kind of craziness happened with relationships

Insomnia was a recipe for disaster in most aspects of my life. After trying pretty much every anti-depressant, anti-psychotic, cough syrup going I eventually conceded that I was a lot happier without these drugs and feeling tired was better than feeling groggy, crazy and tired. I tried every therapy I could get my hands on to find my cure, some totally ridiculous not to mention ridiculously expensive and of course the whole gamut of alternative medicine. It wasn’t till I worked out that I had spent close to one hundred and fifty thousand dollars on failed therapies and that I was starting to alienate friends and family due to constantly raving on how tired I was that I decided to take matters into my own hands, ditch my job and study full time so that I could eventually treat myself. I was sick and tired of feeling sick and tired and not being able to find anyone who could help me.

One of the worst things about seeing the array of practitioners I tried was that none of them had ever experienced insomnia themselves and so got very annoyed at me when I told them the therapy wasn’t working. I realised that I could help people because having been through this myself means I can totally relate and empathise with my patients. Eventually after much soul searching, changing my diet, the hours I kept, the routines I had, how I let my mind think about things and close to four years of full time study specialising in sleep I worked it out. If only I knew then what I know now my life would have been so different. I do believe that life throws us challenges for reasons at the time unbeknownst to us. I really believe that I went through my ordeal in order for me to help others. If you would like to read my entire story, a funny take on what was a very serious matter, please register your interest on my Counting Seashells website. I’ve written it not just as a self-help book but hopefully a good story as well.

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It may seem hard to believe, yet I too was one of the worst sleepers on the planet for close to twenty years. Determined to find a solution I left no stone unturned to find a way to turn my life around. After years of retraining as a naturopath, nutritionist and natural sleep specialist combined with my many years of personal struggles and living on empty, without energy to do even the most basic of tasks I have found a way to beat insomnia which I'd really like to share with you. Life is too short to be exhausted all the time, so take action today and regain your energy and vitality by joining my online sleep course.

I'll show you how to reset your sleeping pattern no matter how bad your insomnia, how to deal with both internal and external forces preventing you from sleep as well as tips for a sleep inducing diet and relaxation strategies to help your nervous system settle down into a good night sleep. The benefits of undertaking this course are huge. Your life will literally transform in front of your eyes, from better relationships, increased productivity and enjoyment at work, increased energy to exercise and get into shape, vitality back into your face and body, the list goes on


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